Correu-e de verificació d'ABC Northern Territory (Austràlia)

Dear Pere,

We received your reception report dated 01/01/2017.
We don’t actually have QSL cards but I can confirm that you were listening to our Domestic Shortwave Radio Services on 4835 kHz from Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. That is amazing that you heard it from so far away, your equipment must be very good! You may be interested in the following technical specifications relating to the site:

Area Served: Alice Springs/Southern NT
State: Northern Territory, Australia
Network: ABC Outback Radio
Frequency: 4835kHz
Call sign: VL8A
Site Name: Roe Creek MF
Est. Population Served: 45450
Antenna Height: 40.25m
Power: 50000 watts
Antenna Polarisation: Horizontal
Antenna Pattern: Shower

Thank you for your interest in the ABC and taking the time to write to us.

Kind Regards,
ABC Reception Advice
Communications Networks


Data / hora: 01.01.2017 / 2030-2045 (UTC)
Lloc de la recepció: Serra, València (Espanya)
Distància: 15419 km
Idioma: Anglés
Receptor i antena: Etón Satellit 750 amb antena exterior (ECO)
Qualitat del senyal (SINPO): 22222
Mitjà de comunicació: correu-e (
Demora: 40 dies, aprox.
Observacions: D'acord amb les meues informacions, ABC Northern Territory ha desaparegut de l'ona curta.


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